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Using Lists to get UI elements with nearly impossible selectors

Where does this approach apply? One of the following:

  • if you have a list of elements with identical selectors. The element you are interested in is an element of that list. But it does not always appear in the same place in the list. Sometimes it might be the third element in the list, other times it might be the second, or the fourth, and so on. You only know that using getText() on the element returns a known text.
  • if the element you are searching for has a different selector each time you open the page. You know only the type of element it is (whether it is a button, or an a element representing a link, or an img element) and what text should be displayed on that element.
  • if the element you are looking for does not even have any attached attributes. That means it is only a tag, without an id or class, or anything else except for the tag name (tag being ‘a’ for links, ‘img’ for images, and so on). You know what getText() should return when applied to that element.

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CSS Selectors

Identifying HTML elements in order to interact with them within you tests can be done by using CSS Selectors, which use pattern matching to easily find these elements. Below are the most used patterns to identify the elements on a page and examples of their usage: Continue reading CSS Selectors