My articles published in September

This September was quite productive, as i had 4 test automation related articles published, which i recommend reading: Creating an Architecture for Your Automated Tests Writing Automated Tests in Small Increments 4 Times Your Automation Passed While Bugs Were Present Now That You’ve Created Automated Tests, Run Them! Enjoy.

My blog posts on Tech buzzwords testers should at least know about have been published!

Checkout my series of two blog posts on Tech buzzwords testers should at least know about: and With lots of useful links for in-depth learning. Enjoy.

My series of Maven related articles is out now

If you haven’t seen, this week i released my series of 2 articles to help get you started with Maven. In the first one, i discuss how to setup Maven on your machine and how to create a brand new Maven project. I also explain key concepts that define what Maven and a Maven project… Read More

The weird true story of Selenium, the StaleElementReferenceException, the iframe, the List and the WebElement

I write a lot of automated tests. Most of the times, it all goes nice and smooth, like a good song. But once in a while i run into an automation situation that leaves me completely baffled. Debugging does not reveal how to fix it, and it is not very obvious to me what is… Read More

Have you seen my article on using Spring for managing test environments in automated tests?

Read all about how to configure your test environment specific data in property files with Spring, to help run your automated TestNG and JUnit tests on any test environment you need: Enjoy.

Read my article on using WebDriverWaits as retries

Checkout this article i wrote on how to use WebDriverWaits as retries for more test automation success: If you haven’t used Waits yet, or you have, but are still having issues with tests randomly failing, this is the right approach for your tests. Enjoy.