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Setting up the Selenium bits

After the project is created, you need to setup the Selenium dependency, in order to use the library’s functionality. Make sure you always have the latest Selenium libraries available. The constant upgrade of the modern browsers  might make some Selenium features unavailable or not working properly with older library versions.

Browser Releases

To see what browser releases are scheduled in the future, you can check out these links:

Browser Binaries

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Create the Maven profile for running tests.

After the project has been created, you will need to decide how you want your automated tests to run. Keeping in mind that developers write unit tests, which by definition will validate of the code by itself, without interaction with other components, they are suitable to validate that the code commited satisfies the requirements in isolation. They should run fast, and not need interaction with browsers for example.

On the other hand, acceptance tests, which are the tests written by QAs should validate the code in the actual environment where it will reside, having contact with all the components around it. These tests validate that the code still acts properly when it runs in the system that it is built in. For that reason, these tests might take a long time to run, use browser instances, and might be rather fragile when it comes to succeeding. For example, Selenium tests are some of the most fragile, since, if you run tests in some sluggish environment, they might fail because of the slow responsiveness of the environment, pages not loading on time, and so on. Hence, running these tests for every project compilation phase is not feasible, as the build might never compile successfully. Continue reading Create the Maven profile for running tests.