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My Nordic Testing Days 2017 conference experience

It all started over 6 months ago. I heard about Nordic Testing Days being an awesome conference and i really wanted to be a part of it, as a speaker. Having never been to Estonia, the location was also a nice plus. So i submitted some talk ideas and the guys from the organizing team were kind enough to accept me as a workshop deliverer…workshoppee…well a speaker who does workshops. Continue reading My Nordic Testing Days 2017 conference experience

I’m speaking at Nordic Testing Days 2017

Yey, the program for the 2017 edition of the Nordic Testing Days conference has been published, and i am glad to be among the people speaking. More specifically, i will be running a two-hour hands-on, coding workshop on Selenium tests, the Object Oriented way. It will be a very practical workshop, where one can learn how to think in an OO fashion when it comes to testing complex modules or modules that appear in several areas of the page to be tested.

Check out the full program of the conference here: http://nordictestingdays.eu/schedule and don’t forget to get your tickets! It will be great.

Lessons Learned at the Agile Testing Days 2015 Conference

The 2015 edition of the Agile Testing Day Conference recently took place in Postdam, Germany. I was one of the around 800 people who have attended, some of them testers, some Agile people with different roles in their organizations. Within 3 days of the conference, i had the opportunity to attend different types of presentations, from non technical to very technical ones, with lots of fresh new ideas, but also some not so great content. I will try to share some of my personal takeaways from this meet-up, so here goes. Continue reading Lessons Learned at the Agile Testing Days 2015 Conference