My HUSTEF 2017 conference experience

My last conference of the year recently wrapped up in beautiful Budapest. I took part, as a speaker, in 2 days filled with practical and useful advice, in a fantastic location.

The conference structure was different from any other that i previously attended. In the mornings we had one keynote each day, followed by short presentations by representatives of the sponsors.  A sort of 5 minute lightning talks, mostly regarding the sponsor’s endeavors. Fast paced and entertaining way to start the morning.

Then, the tracks started. There were 2 parallel tracks at each time, and talks were grouped by interest.  For each interest, there were three 25 minute talks with a 5 minute break between them. To give you an idea, interests included: automation, security testing, delivery, process improvement and so on.

The days closed with another set of keynotes, followed, on day one, by the conference party, where there was street food, wine, a live band, and even trips to the nearby historical sites.

There were around 650 participants, so there was a lot of chatting and knowledge sharing going around. And everyone was very friendly and fun.

There were quite a few presentations and i will not go over all of them. You can find all the slides available on the conference site, within the program section ( and The full video recording of the presentations will also be available on Youtube soon.

But i do have to mention the ones that i found most interesting or fun, from a technical perspective. My top 4 so to say:

I would like to congratulate the organizers of the event. Everything was very well thought of and properly planned. Some of the highlights when it comes to the organizers include:
– the conference venue was amazing. Right near the Danube, below the Budapest Castle, inside a newly renovated building with impressive architecture. The night view of the whole area is simply wow.
– providing useful information to speakers, and being very warm and welcoming towards them was great, so thank you for that
– having an official app where information was distributed to the participants, and where participants could share their thoughts and photos taken at the event
– one thing about the app that i loved was that they had polls before each set of talks, where participants would choose which set of talks they would go to, before they started. The voting determined whether a set of talks would be held in the larger or in the smaller room. This way they could accommodate the right amount of people in the properly sized room. Something i never saw before at a conference, but found very useful.
– also integrated in the app was the module, which allowed for questions to be addressed to the speaker during his or her talk. The speaker was not aware of the questions until the end of talk, in the Q&A timeframe. But this way more questions could be addressed during this timeframe, since they were already available, and there was no need to have people running across the room, passing microphones to whomever would raise their hand with a question. Very useful approach.

To wrap it up, i can only say: don’t hesitate to attend this conference next year. It is fun, you learn things, in a beautiful setting, and the prices are very affordable.

One thought on “My HUSTEF 2017 conference experience”

  1. Thank you so much to find my talk interesting from a technical perspective. I also liked your talk and advice on test automation. Hope to listen to you at another conference.



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