Impressions after the Romania Testing Conference 2016

So this year’s edition of RTC (Romania Testing Conference), held in Cluj-Napoca,  has just concluded, and as a participant and speaker i had a great time attending the event. Therefore, here are some impressions and takeaways  from a full day of presentations and meeting some really lovely folks.

The Community – I was surprised by how many attendees there were. About 500 people, from what i have read. That means a large variation of companies they are employed by, different types of testing performed, different tools used for doing the testing, different mindsets, different processes employed. But a common goal: we are testers and we love learning and hearing about trends in testing, improving our knowledge and skills.

Also it was interesting to hear from other people about their approach to testing, leaving me a bit puzzled by the not so high number of people doing automation. For some reason i expected the number of ‘automation people’ to be higher, but i was really glad there is a true interest in the topic, with many people (who either never did or only partially do automation) wanting to become experts in the field. There is a very strong community of testers in the area, so it’s good that we have events where we can share our knowledge.

Everyone i met was very friendly and open, and the atmosphere was great.

Although the conference itself lasted for only one day (except for the day of tutorials which i did not attend), there were loads of interesting presentations that got people talking and subsequently sharing their thoughts.

As a speaker – I was pleasantly surprised by the large number of people that came to see my presentation, for which i thank you! It was great to have so many people interested in stories about automation and advice on how to approach it. And mostly, even though it was right before lunch, and I’m sure everyone had food on their mind, they sticked around to ask me questions and approach me for advice on how to tackle their automation process.

I really hope that people feel more and more confident to share their testing stories, as there is a hunger amongst us to learn from each other’s experience.

Let’s not forget the setting – The location where the event was held is amazing, it being a 5* hotel, with beautiful marble hallways, well groomed grounds, an (empty 😦 ) pool. It also boasts a view of the city (when you know where to look).  A few minuses here and there, with a total lack of water during the first break, lack of chairs in the room where a keynote was taking place, snacks that people only heard of but never saw, but all in all a good event for the participants.

I was quite exhausted after the whole experience, but what a great experience it was. Looking forward to the next one.


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